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About Us

Khuzestan Hose and Pipe Co.

As a leading producer of PVC and PE pipes and fittings with more than three decades’ worth of experience, Khuzestan Hose and Pipe Co. continues to enhance the quality of installations for building and agricultural applications and water and sewer systems in our beloved Iran. To be able to compete with other old‑line national producers, the company’s chief managers have always used cutting‑edge technologies as well as skillful hardworking staff and experts in an effort to produce premium quality products for the Iranian and neighboring countries markets.

Quality Products

Adhering to the relevant binding standards, enhancing production quality, and providing services for raising product quality are the company’s chief management policies and the commitments taken on by Khuzestan Hose and Pipe Co

Product Durability

The objective of Khuzestan Hose and Pipe Co. is to offer a variety of products compliant with the relevant standards and customer’s needs. The company also aims to offer continuously upgraded higher quality products and renovate and optimize its production machinery and equipment.

Fast Production & Delivery

A large enough stockpile of quality raw materials, rapid production lines, and sufficient reserves of various ready‑to‑market products all guarantee our customers’ demands are promptly addressed.

Buying Consultancy

At Khuzestan Hose and Pipe Co., we will share with our customers the gist of more than three decades’ worth of our knowledge and experience as consultancy service to help them optimally run their projects.

Company History

Established in the early 1980s on a land area of 3000 m2 in the metropolis of Ahvaz, Iran, Khuzestan Hose and Pipe Co. (Private Joint Stock) went operational by launching a PVC bellows hose production line. The company has launched development plans by enhancing its product quality for customer satisfaction and fully realizing the increasing importance of thermoplastic materials for the production of PVC pipes and fittings intended for installations in construction and agricultural applications and sewer systems.

In 1991, Khuzestan Hose and Pipe Co. launched a production line for making 20–250 mm diameter UPVC pipes and quickly obtained the relevant standards from Iran National Standards Organization (INSO). In another glorious leap toward its progress goals in polymer pipe and fitting production, the company launched in 2011 its UPVC fitting production department on a land area of 12000 m2. In 2018 (year’s motto: support for Iranian products), this department proudly started the production of 20–250 mm diameter PE pipes in 4–25 bar pressure grades and, with an annual production capacity of 11000 metric tons, found its place as the largest factory in southern Iran in the polymer industry. This was all achieved by relying on the Almighty’s support, the company’s staff endeavor, and competent managers and using modern machinery in line with market demands and the country’s urgent need for implementing water supply plans.

All our products are manufactured in compliance with seven INSO licenses (based on European EN standards) and ISO 9001‑14001‑18001‑10002 standards. Having obtained these certificates, we use our quality control lab equipped with modern and state‑of‑the‑art equipment to ensure our end‑users’ satisfaction.

At Khuzestan Hose and Pipe Co., we hope to both live up to the satisfaction of our fellow citizens and leave a long‑lasting successful record of Iranian made polymer pipes and fittings in the world.

Company History

We are the first Iranian producer of white hard PVC pipes and fittings and the first producer of standard electrical conduits in Khuzestan province, Iran. Initial products were registered under the brand name Khuzestan Hose and Pipe Co., which is a producer of UPVC pipes and fittings and single‑ply PE pipes. The experienced staff and knowledgeable experts at Khuzestan Hose and Pipe Co. work together towards the company’s noble objectives, which are customer satisfaction and product quality. The high quality of the company’s products is confirmed by observing its contribution to large projects including those carried out by water and waste water companies, telecommunication companies, mass‑housing contractors, Mehr Housing Plan executors, and Agriculture Jahad Organizations and its active presence in national and international markets.

Production Innovation

Khuzestan Hose and Pipe Co. is one of the first companies to obtain the Iran National Standard certificate for the production of UPVC pipes. Using more than three decades’ experience in the industry and enjoying experienced staff, the company is now capable of producing a wide range of products with applications in water supply, pressurized underground and surface sewerage, irrigation and agriculture.