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Well Casing UPVC Pipes

Separating the well column from the reservoir, well casing pipes are essential to the integrity of the well structure. UPVC pipes are typically loaded inside the well. With its long history of UPVC pipe and fitting production, Khuzestan Hose and Pipe Co. offers its customers top quality well casing pipes at highly competitive prices. The PVC pipes made by Khuzestan Hose and Pipe Co. for water well casing are designed to be used in coastal and dune land areas to prevent sand and grit from entering the well and increase pump lifetime. These pipes are intended for irrigation, dune separation, water supply for agricultural and water well applications, external particle removal, and water purging from well casing.

Specifications of Well Casing UPVC Pipes

External diameter (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Usage for Well Casing
Well Casing
Well Casing
Well Casing