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Khuzestan Hose and Pipe Co.

As a leading producer of PVC and PE pipes and fittings with more than three decades’ worth of experience, Khuzestan Hose and Pipe Co. continues to enhance the quality of installations for building and agricultural applications and water and sewer systems in our beloved Iran. To be able to compete with other old‑line national producers, the company’s chief managers have always used cutting‑edge technologies as well as skillful hardworking staff and experts in an effort to produce premium quality products for the Iranian and neighboring countries markets.

UPVC fittings are widely used in building sewer systems (ISIRI 9119 standard). They come in various types including fully coupled fittings, caps, expansion joints, bushings (couplings), traps, elbows, 3‑ways, check valves, and electrical connections.


The most common applications of UPVC pipes include building sewer systems, gutters and vents, urban water and wastewater systems, pressurized water supply systems, electrical and telecommunication networks, central vacuums, and core shearing pipes for rolling industrial packaging products.


These include pressurized, single‑ply, high‑pressure, and micro‑irrigation pipes made of PE100 and PE80 in 4–25 bar pressure grades. The applications include water sewer and transmission systems for agriculture, pressurized water supply networks, urban and rural sewer systems, gas transmission networks, and conduits for telecommunication fibers and optical fibers.


These UPVC pipes with reasonable price and high quality are products of Khuzestan Hose and Pipe Company. Telecommunication and electrical conduit pipes prevent damage to electrical and wire conductors and other electrical equipment, and protects the lives of workers and ordinary people against electrical wires and electric shocks.

Agricultural Industry

Building Industry

Water and Waste Water Industry


Company History

Khuzestan Hose and Pipe Co. is one of the first companies to obtain the Iran National Standard certificate for the production of UPVC pipes. Using more than three decades’ experience in the industry and enjoying experienced staff, the company is now capable of producing a wide range of products with applications in water supply, pressurized underground and surface sewerage, irrigation and agriculture, well casing, rain water transmission, and electrical and telecommunication wire protection. It can run short‑term production plans for adhesion and O‑ring connection products. Taking advantage of a variety of machinery and molds and a well‑equipped quality control laboratory, the company can meet most rapidly and cost‑effectively a variety of customer’s needs according to the national standards.



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